Iceman On Da Track


Iceman On Da Track” Lee Jr. (Born July 3,1988) is a songwriter, rap artist, deejay and producer, born in a small city by the name of Shreveport L.A. He is known for his unique style of southern music with his own little twist to make what he calls “Swagtastic Music”. Although he is a unsigned artist he brings a industry sound that stands out over many underground rap artist and producers. At only the beginning of his musical career, Iceman has already done opening performances for numerous hip-hop moguls such as Lil Wayne, Plies, Lil Boosie, Hurricane Chris, B.G., Webbie, and a few more industry artist. Iceman has been influence by many family members and other successful independent djs, and music artist. Two of Iceman influences were “Dj HollyHood Bay Bay” and “Hurricane Chris” which started off local and now are seen on BET and MTV. Seeing these two make it to the top starting off the same way Iceman did motivated Iceman to start his own independent label and travel from city to city to the whole world knows “Iceman On Da Track”. Iceman’s first official single he produced (Ratchet Walk) received over 2,000,000 plays on Myspace and over 40,000 views on his instructional video for the dance. When Iceman seen the progress that this single was making he decided to hire a few of his friends and family members to help him promote the single. Once the single was well promoted Iceman’s fan base began to rise and many people of nationalities began to make dance videos to the song. Every since Iceman’s single (Ratchet Walk) was released he didn’t go a day without producing a new track or writing a new song. Once other artist in the city seen that Iceman was serious about his music, this then opened up doors for iceman to produce, write, and feature with other artist in his city and surrounding areas. Now Iceman is in search of a label in which he can show his talent to the world and enjoy doing it. With this being said I hope that you have learned a thing or two about Iceman On Da Track and will support him on his road to success…


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  • Raping
  • Songwriting


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